You are visiting the Beta Version of the MULTI-MEDIA MOTHERSHIP Platform – the only fully off-the-grid, broad spectrum multi-media platform in the universe.

We seek to overwhelm, co-opt and ultimately convert every sphere of the Mainstream Media with our commitment to truth, full disclosure and useful information.

This concept represents a novel and evolutionary approach to integrating every form of media currently found within this galaxy in order that relevant information can be disseminated at the push of a single button.  As this Beta Version is refined and perfected, our intention is that this Multi-Media Mothership platform will overturn the existing MSM paradigm by December 21st, 2012.

As this revolutionary media matrix sweeps across the planet in alignment with the solar winds of 2012, it will transform the digital marketplace of information gathering, gatekeeping and dissemination into a place of education, edification and enlightenment.

Truly, the soon to appear Multi-Media Mothership will greatly facilitate the creation of a realm where dreamstuff is transformed into reality, visions into actuality, and aspirations into manifestations.

Come one, come all and board our beta version of the Multi-Media Mothership!

Media Mothership Enterprises
Tallahassee, FL
SKYPE: Media_Mothership

“BIG MOTHER is watching Big Brother!”


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